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5/13/14          Pernema is now a Registered ASCA Kennel Name 


 4/12/14         Christine was entered into the UKC show.  She Won Breed from the CH Class. and went on to  Group 1 and BIS!!  Shown by Lindsey.    Co-owned with Michelle Radloff    (Photo Credit  Michelle Radloff)   At not yet 2 years of age



4/12/14         Christine was entered into the UKC show.  She is now  UKC CH Samilyns Sua Sponte AKC STAR Puppy

3/12/14         Christine was entered into the UKC MI Classic and got two of her needed wins for her UKC CH!.

2014              So far the year of 2014 has been quite.  We have stayed home away from shows to enjoy the puppies.


As 2013 ends, we are looking forward to AMAZING Things in 2014 

12/17/13          Yazz had 3 puppies, sired by Apatchie.  Check out the Litter page for photo's. 

11/8/13            Yazz had her ultrasound the vet saw "hearts"  Puppy hearts.  For more information on the litter please go to the Litter page.

10/29/13           Pitt finished his AKC  CA Title 

10/13, 15/13    Yazz was bred for her first litter 

9/29/13            Yazz was RWB at the Monroe Kennel Club under judge Mr. Steven D. Gladstone. 

6/13/13            Apollo was shown in the UKC Top Ten, and was AWARD OF EXCELLENCE.


6/12/13            Pitt was Altered BOB at the Mid Lakes Australian Shepherd Club Speciality.  For his SECOND BEST IN SPECIALTY


4/6/13             Yazz is in heat, and while it hurts we are waiting till Fall 2013 to breed her, as at this time we are not equipped to care for a litter

3/10/13           Pitt was at the GLASC show and under SBJ Rick Gann and took WD for 1 pt

 3/10/13           Pitt was at the GLASC show  and under SBJ Melinda Gann took WD for 1 pt

3/9/13          Pitt was at the GLASC show and under Barbara Peters and Took A-WD and A-BOW for 1 pt.

3/8/13          Pitt was at the GLASC show and under SBJ Kelley Menear English Took A- WD and A-BOW for 1 pt.

3/2-3/13      Pitt came to Cobo  "Detroit Kennel Club" as my Service dog,  while there he got to be the Greeter of people. 

Not only did he get his photo taken by many but, he was also in an article in the Detroit News  -   written by " Lauren Abdel-Razzaq/ The Detroit News"

  Lauren Abdel-Razzaq/ The Detroit News

   Taken by K.Bailey


 1/20/2013  Christine, was in the 4-6mth puppy show at the Novi, MI dog show. She took BOBP and a Group 4





2012 End's Here's Hoping 2013 ROCKS


12/28/12      Yazz was Lucky to be able to earn Enough Top Ten breed points in UKC with 26 points she made it into the 10th Spot. 

12/28/12      Apollo was out in UKC to finish not only his CH but to earn enough Top Ten points in UKC with 33 breed points, he ended up in the 5th Place.



 12/22/12         In the Mail We received Yazz's UKC Grand Championship Certificate


11/24/12         Pitt was at the UKC show in Wapakoneta, OH and in the PM show Judge Sharon Griffin gave BOB, and then Judge Sally Davidson for A-BIS

11/24/12           Yazz was at the UKC show in Wapakoneta, OH and in the AM show Judge John Davison  Yazz won the CH class for her last win for her GRAND CH. "UKC"

11/23/12        Yazz was at the UKC Show in Wapakoneta, OH and in the PM show under judge Teresa Kocher she took BOB from the CH class for a win towards her Grand  and a Group 3.

11/23/12     Pitt  went to the UKC show down in Wapakoneta, OH In the AM show Under Judge Richard Klatt he took BOB, and then a A-BIS Under Judge Teresa Kocher.


11/20/12  We have Finally chosen the stud for Yazz's Up coming Litter.  We are Taking names for our wait list.


10/28/12       Pitt was at the ASC of MI Octoberfest shows.  He took a A-WD for Another Point Under Judge Nancy Gallant

10/27/12        Pitt Was at the ASC of MI Octoberfest shows Pitt took a A-RWD under Judge Mary Lee Winnie

10/7/12          Yazz took breed and Group 2 Under judge Lynn Martin and Breed and Group 3 Under Judge Dorthy Jacobs.

10/7/12          Pitt Qualified for 2 legs towards his CAX in UKC under judges Cecle Chapin and Lee Warden at 350 yards

10/7/12         Pitt took breed at both shows under both judges Lynn Martin and Dorthy Jacobs

10/6/12         Pitt took Breed and Yazz took her First Group 1. under Judge Tina Camp       (There was only 1 show this day)

10/6/12         Pitt took Breed under judge Tina Camp   (only 1 show this day)

10/6/12         Pitt qualified 2 times in Lure Coursing Completing his UKC CA title under judges Lee Warden and Cecle Chapin at 425 yard 

10/5/12         Yazz went to the NAPBTA show and in the AM, took Breed and a Group 2 under Judge Dan Crutchfield

10/5/12         Pitt went to the NAPBTA show and in The AM show Took Altered BIS under Gene Renoyalds, and in the PM Took Reserve Altered BIS under judge Carol Gaines.

9/29/12         Graffiti and Barron, have now found their new pet homes.  We Welcome their families to our Family.   We will miss them and wish them luck.

9/29/12         Yazz went to the Caro Pet Expo and earned her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) 

9/16/12         Yazz went to the St. Clair Kennel Club show in Goodells, MI and under Judge Mr. Ralph (Sonny) Ambrosio She took WB again for another point.

9/15/12         Yazz went to the St. Clair Kennel Club show in Goodells, MI and Under Judge Ms. June A Penta. She took WB for 1 more pt.

9/2/12           Karma was at the BARKC (UKC) Show and was Handled by Junior handler Serenity Reddo. and she took Reserve Best Veteran under Judge Sharon Griffin  (It was Serenity's First time in the Ring)


9/2/12            Pitt was at the BARKC (UKC) Show and took Breed and an Altered-BIS Under Judge Sharon Griffin  and took breed under Mary Meek


9/2/12               Yazz was at the BARKC (UKC) PM Show and took Breed and a Group Three Under Judge Mary Meek

9/2/12              Yazz was at the BARKC (UKC) AM Show and took Breed and a Group Four Under Judge Sharon Griffin

9/1/12              Karma was at the BARKC (UKC) shows and Took Reserve Best Veteran under Judge Pam Moore.

9/1/12              Pitt was at the BARKC (UKC) PM show and took Breed under Judge Mary King

9/1/12              Yazz was at BARKC (UKC) AM show under Judge Pam Moore Yazz took Breed and a Group 3 in a TOUGH Herding group. and Took   Breed in the PM show under judge Mary King.

8/31/12             Karma Came out of Retirement for the BARKC (UKC) Taking Reserve Best Veteran under  Judges Nancy gallant and Marian Cambell.

8/31/12             Pitt Went to BARKC (UKC) AM and PM show Under Judges Nancy Gallant, and Marian Campbell taking Breed both shows.

8/31/12             Yazz went to BARKC (UKC) PM show. Under Judge Marian Cambell Yazz took Breed and another Group 4.

8/31/12              Yazz went to BARKC (UKC) AM Show under Judge Nancy Gallant, Yazz took Breed and a Hard Earned Group 4                     

8/26/12              Yazz Was at the TFT Ukc show and under judge Carlos Rodriguez took Breed with Comp plus a Group 3

8/26/12              Yazz went to the TFT UKC show and under judge Nancy Beeman Took Breed with Comp plus a Group 2

8/26/12             Pitt went ABIS under Judge Carlos Rodriguez in the PM show at the TFT Show

7/29/12             Yazz went to the IABCA show, and became a NEW International Champion

7/21/12           Pitt went to the Raisin River Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (AKC)- Coursing Ability Test (Lure Coursing)  and Qualified.

7/20/12              In the Mail we got Pitt's UKC ALCH Cerf (Altered Championship) and Yazz's AKC DNA

7/2/12                Jewel is Welcomed into the Family, she will mostly be Pugsley Friend.


6/17/12        Yazz was Reserve Champion Under Judge Richard G. Beauchamp in a HIGHLY Competitive Championship class.  Handled by Myself. at the last of Premier.


 6/17/12       Pitt was Best Champion, BOB Under Judge Richard G. Beauchamp,  He then went to an Altered Herding Group 1 Under Mr. Beauchamp.  Handled by Myself.   He also Qualified in UKC Lure Coursing (1ft Trial)

6/15/12         Pitt was Best Dog, BOB under Judge Karen Johnson at Premier, he then went on to take an Altered Herding Group 1  Handled by myself. To Finish his Altered UKC Championship.



4/14/12         Pitt was Best Dog, BOW, BOB, under judge Paul Bruneau.  In the PM show Then he Won BIS ALTERED!!!  From the Classes.  Under the same Judge. Handled by Lindsey Lund (For his FIRST BIS)



4/14/12           Boone was Best Dog under Judge Nina Sherrer in the Am Show.   And Best Dog and BOW in the PM Show under Judge Paul Bruneau   

3/12/12        Yazz's OFA's Came back.  WOOOHOOO!!.  Check out her page for the results.

3/3/12.        Boone's puppies with Teah's had their first (big kid shows) at Detroit Kennel Club (Cobo)  and Prim was BOBP, over some nice looking pups under judge Ms. Sandra Wolfskill.

2/26/12          Apollo was at the UKC show and became a NEW UKC CH. With a Group 4 and Group 1 from the Classes. (Group 1 under judge Sally Davison)  Handled by Lindsey Lund.


 1/22/12       Yazz went to the Oakland County Kennel Club show  (Suported Entry), and was RWB under Judge Ms. Alice Inman,  She was handled By Brenna Welsh.

1/20/12        Apollo BOB Adult and G1 (Match) , and Boone Daughter Katniss got BOB Puppy and G3 (Match) at the Oakland County Kennel Club Match.


 2011 Ends Here's to the New Year 2012


12/21/11        Tyra is now ASCA Registered got her Cerf in the Mail.  In the new year Barron and her will be DNA'd (The package for blood draws came the same day)


11/26/11        Pitt went to the Great Lakes ASC show over Thanksgiving and took 6 out of 7 WD/BOB Altered Wins.  Two counted for points under judges  Janet Nahikian (Pictured) and Bill Stebbins. He was shown by Junior handler Brenna Welsh.

 11/25/11        Yazz went to the Great Lakes ASC show over Thanksgiving and showed AWESOME for Junior Handler Brenna Welsh.  Yazz was RWB under SBJ Emmy Adasiewicz.  It was a close contest and we are very proud of our girl.  She was looked at a lot and pulled for winners at 3 other shows.


10/30/11     Widget has found her new pet home with The Little's.  They have expressed an interested in the performance sports and are starting her training.  Good Luck to them and Miss Widget, we will miss her, but know she's in an AWESOME Home.. 


9/               Pitt won Second Place At the 2011 ASCA Nationals  in the Altered Open Red Class under SBJ Rebecca DeLeon with handler Laura Liebenow  Here's a Link to the photo's Win and Ringside. 


9/19/11    Pitt Won First place at the UMASC show from the Altered Open Red Class under SBJ Terri Altergott. With Handler  Laura Liebenow  Here's a Link to the photo's Win and Ringside.

9/18/11  Yazz won First place at the ASC of MI Preshow in the Am. Bred Bitch class under BJ Marie Murphy  With Junior Handler Taylor Crismson for Maria Neff

Here's a Link to the photo's Win and Ringside.


8/19/11  Boone has sired his 4th litter.  10 puppies out of "Teah"  U-CH Samilyns Thief In the Night.


 7/9/11   Apollo was at the Huntington Kennel Club in West Virgina with Co-owner Pat Miceli, and he won WD/BOW/BOS under judge Dr. Harry Smith.

7/2/11      Yazz was at the ASC of MI 4th Of July show (Am Show) and under SBJ David Clayton took WB for  a 5pt Major Handled by Maria Neff and Jamie                    

(For her first ASCA Points)



6/17 /11        Pitt was Altered Best Male/ BOB from the Classes under Judge Zeferino Silva   at the UKC Premier Handled by Jamie

6/16/11         Pitt was BISS Altered at the UKC Premier Aussie Speciality Show under judge Richard Klatt, also he was BOB Altered at the ASC of MI after show       

under judge Violet Denney .  be it he was the only altered entry.




4/17/11    Pitt was at the ASCA of MI show and at the PM show Under Judge Mary Billman he got Altered - WD for 2 points   (For his first two points)

4/17/11     Pitt went to his first ASCA show in the Big boy classes.  Under respected SBJ  Gail Karamalegos  He was Altered - RWD. in the AM show.



2/27 /11       Yazz finished her UKC Conformation Championship.  Under Judge  J Ray Johnson  (Handled Strickly by me)

3/16/11   Karma and Pitt was both fixed.  You will be seeing Pitt in Altered in UKC and ASCA.  Karma is now Retired and a LOVING Grandma.  She will be looking into some performance sports, along with Pitt.

1/22/11  Yazz and Barron went to the Oakland County Kennel Club.  This was Barrons FIRST AKC show.  While not placing well, he did show well with a Last minute handler change. 

1/21/11  Yazz took RWB at the Livonia Kennel Club. Under Judge  Mr. William E. Usherwood.  There was TONS of Nice Bitches and we are happy with the results.  We Thank Mr. Usherwood for finding our girl. 


2010 Ends,  Heres to 2011

9/19/10  Yazz and Graffiti went to the St. Clair Kennel Club again and split the breed wins with Graffiti taking WD/ BOW/ and BOB, Yazz took WB and BOS.   Thank You to Judge Mr. Houston Clark  for finding my two.  They both got a point towards their Championship 

9/18/10  Yazz, Graffiti, and Pitter went to the St. Clair Kennel Club at Goodells, MI.  Yazz and Grif split the breed wins with Yazz taking WB, BOW, and BOB.  Grif got WD, BOS.  They both got a point towards their Championship.  Thank you to Judge Mrs. Patricia A Hess, for finding my two. Then at the Match Yazz and Pitter was shown, Yazz by myself taking Adult BOB and Adult G2.  Pitter was shown by Chris Reedy and got BOB Puppy and a Puppy Group 1.  

9/7/10   Yazz and Grif went to the ASCA show where Yazz handled by Myself won the Am. Bred Class FULL of nice Bitches.  Pitter was shown by Jamie Lower and took BOSP under judge Andrea Torres 

9/6/10     At the PM show Yazz was showed by Maria Neff, and won the Am. Bred Class against some nice Bitches..  Pitter was shown by Jamie Lower and took BOBP under judge  Gemi Sasson-Brickson

9/5/10      At the AM show Yazz was showed at the ASCA show by Maria Neff,  Under Judge Eric Brickson, where he gave her RWB

9/3/10     Yazz and Pitter went to the ASCA show where both was showed by Maria Neff.  This was Yazz's first ASCA show and showed well, she got 1ft in Am. Bred.  Pitter took BOSP under Judge Jennifer Hampton

8/29/10   Yazz and Pitter went to the UKC show,  Pitter got BOBP Showed by Jamie Lower  and Yazz got a BOB and a Group 3 at the second show. 

8/26/10   Karma and Eli's Puppies 6 wks old, first trip to vet for shots and microchips

8/17/10   Pitter has arrived here at Pernema 

7/15/10    Karma and Eli's Puppies was born. 

7/6/10     Viola went into her new home today.  We will miss her.. 

6/10/10   Viola was spayed today, and will be getting a home of her own soon.

5/31/10   Widget took a RWB at the Greater Muskengon Kennel with Deanna.

5/29/10   Yazz took a well deserved RWB against some very nice bitches in Kalamazoo at the Grand Rapids Kennel Club.

5/28/10   Widgets first AKC show with Denna Handling.

5/8/10      Got Graffiti's DNA back from AKC. 

5/4/10      Got an e-mail from AKC saying that I can name Widget my chosen name, now to wait for the certificate in the mail, to register her into UKC.

5/2/10      Graffiti got a Reserve at the Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County

5/1/10      Both Yazz and Graffiti got Reserve at Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County.

4/17/10    Sent Yazz with Deanna to Canada to the Kent Kennel Klub Inc in Chatham, Ontario where she took breed all three days that I sent her and on Saturday she took a Group 4.  She now has 3pts in Canada.


4/14/10   Finelly put Widgets AKC registration in the mail.  We was waiting for a paper from her breeder to change her name, finely got it.  So when we get the AKC reg back.  She will also be UKC registration.

4/7/10     Put Boone's and Graffiti's AKC DNA in the mail, and Boone's ASCA DNA. Now to wait...

4/1/10    Got the Mail and got Boones ASCA Reg.  Been waiting almost 2 years. and I'm So Excited to start showing him in ASCA Soon... 

3/14/10   Went to the UKC show in Kalamazoo, MI. With Graffiti and Karma.  It went well Graffiti showed well for me in my chair (his first time) and got 2 Reserve Dog placements, and Karma only showed in the PM show and got Best Female. She showed like never before, and Freestaked SOO well.  How exciting for her first time in the ring in such a long time, and her first time showing with me in a chair.

3/8/10     Went out to get the mail and found Karma's and Vixen's ASCA Registrations!!!!!!! and also everyone MDR1 results.  All the results are posted on each of the dogs pages.  Also got Boone's ASCA Registration from his Co-owner and we put that back in the mail the next day.   Wow!!!!  So much good news on one day.

3/ 6 - 7/10    Took Graffiti and Yaz to the Detroit Kennel Club at Cobo Hall and they both did fairly well for being such a big show and young dogs with strong competition and beautiful dogs.  Graffiti was in the Am Bred class do to needing more time to mature and I figured out his age wrong, he placed second both days.  and Yaz wasn't show the first day, but the second day she showed and went second to a beautiful young bitch.  Both have a lot to work on and need time to mature.

2/22/10     I took Viola, Yazz and Widget to a UKC show just for practice, and to my surprise they did well there.  Viola was the only Collie there in Regular Classes so she took breed at both the AM and PM shows.  Widget was in the Novice Puppy Class and did well Amazing the judges with her cuteness.  Then we have Yazz she needed the most work, as she's going threw a stage of fear, as the first show she would let the judge touch her, but at the second show she took breed and even a Group 3 in a a tough herding group, I couldn't be more proud of her. Yazz left the one day with One competition win and 60 points towards her UKC Championship.

1/22-23/10      Took Yazz and Viola to the Novi Classic.  Showed both on Friday.  Yazz got 2nd out of 4.  And Viola got 3rd out of 3.  Then on Saturday it was just Viola showing and she got 3rd out of 3 again.  We have to work on Viola's confedience, as she didn't like to use her ears. and on Yazz we have to get her used to dogs being behind her.  Other then that We feel they both did well.  And to top off the weekend All three girls has their eyes done and they all passed Widget, and Viola got Mild. and Yazz got a Normal.



1/10/10        Wow, Went to the MSU winter puppy match. Got there late, and rushed, but Viola kept it together and got Best Puppy in breed.

1/9/10      Got Vixen's OFA's Back.  All Nice and Normal.  Check on her page for the OFA numbers.


12/12/09 On the way home from the Cleaveland Classic show in OH. We picked up Miss Yazz. 

12/11/09 Went and picked up Miss Viola from her breeder. 

12/11 - 12/09   Went to an AKC show with Handler Susanne Branch.  While he was looked at, he was not offered anything but his class.  The judges all liked him, but mentioned that he needed to mature.   This is Graffiti's last show for a while.  He'll take time to mature and get in some practice for some performance sports.

 11/28-29/09 Graffiti went to an AKC show with Handlers Theresa Sutter, and while he was looked at, he was not offered anything, but his class.  Only one more show for the year, and it will be time for Graffiti to take some time off to learn obedience and to mature.

 11/6-8/09  Graffiti went to an AKC show with handlers Kelly Kastro and Theresa Sutter and while he was looked at, he was not offered anything, but his class wins.

10/31/09  Graffiti went to his second ASCA show with my friend Jesse.  He didn't show that well for Jesse, but thats okay, we'll stick to female handlers with my boy..  


9/24/09   Graffiti went to his first ASCA show with handler Ally Haverdink.   He showed very well for her.  And we couldn't be more proud of our boy.  He was entered in the 9-12mths



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